Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Generalised Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity and then some..

Wha? I know. I know. God only knows what's that.
It's the first word that i learned in my first financial econometrics class and i think i'm in for a pretty challenging semester. I try to look smart in class by strategically placing my silver pen near the corners of my mouth (left & right) or chew the tips of my spectacles.

For those who havent heard from me for ages, here are a few things about what i've been doing for the past few months.

I have tried and succesfully been able to grow a stubble. It's not as immaculate as i want it to be and doesn't make me feel very cool either. But what the heck... i'm keeping it for at least another few months. Maybe til summer then. keeps my chin warm in winter.
I am enjoying Melbourne quite a bit. The weather is really cold but it's still a step up from the fiery humidity in KL. You can get a good workout by just walking to your car.

I do however miss Malaysia at times. It's the simple things. Simple things like spitting on the floor, speaking malay, Waiting for hours for the LRT buses and the great mamak chats. In fact, i think that the mamak stalls are where Malaysians, in general let their defensive walls down and start sharing (too much occasionally) about their lives. From football, Why men have nipples, Politics, Badawi being a softy, the Jihad, Religion, God, Pornography struggles to even the sharing of one's core values in life. Nothing becomes too sacred or taboo when one holds a teh tarik/teh ais/limau/teh o in their hands. Perhaps its the sugar high, the bacteria laden ice cubes or the dense cigarrette-filled air. I dont know. We will never know.

I miss home. I miss Malaysia. I miss the amazing national health food, Ramli burger.

Another thing. It's been really bugging me. It's about Israel's massacre and all out attack on Lebanon. Nothing breaks me more than seeing the Chosen people go to war on the grounds of 3 POWs not being released. 750000 people are losing their homes and the deathtoll reads 418 lebanon people and counting. It's strike 3 for Israel after the acts of 1978 and 1982. I'm can't help but feel restless. It's either the UN or US who will be the clean up crew this time.

Someone always cleans up the mess. Someone always does.
The mike is yours now.

The Dugong

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello, The Dugong Blogs Again!


Due to extreme duress from my peers, and also to the incredible (incurable) urge to express my thoughts, i have decided to start a new blog. So, there you go. Taa Daa.. My new Blog.

There are 4 main blogging principles you must know:
1. I blog about things the way I see it.
2. Each time i write a post, I believe strongly that i become 20% cooler. No matter how stupid the post is.
3. Feel free to comment. This drives me to blog about more stupid things and makes me know that YOU care about what i think. Who doesnt want their blogs to be a beehive of sarcastic, sardonic or encouraging comments? I Do give a DAMN what you think.
4. I would love to add your blog link. This shows that we are all cohesively cool. Cool calls to cool like the deep calls to deep.

Ps: Put your blog address on my Comments for me to add you.

Yes, i love you,