Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Farewell Melbourne 2006

Dear Melbourne City,

I have had an awesome year with you. This year has been an incredible learning and maturing experience. Making new friendships and experiencing a whole new culture has added more spice into my journey of life. I am humbled to have made so many meaningful relationships, served a God with a big heart, be served by some amazing people of authority (vice-versa) and experienced a whole new meaning to the word 'family', 'community' and 'growth'.

It's been a great year. A great year.

Now, a toast.... To everyone running this race with me..

Goodbye Melbourne 2006!
Cause the next time i set foot in this sun burned land is in 2007! ><"

The Dugong

Friday, December 08, 2006

The 6 Happiest Words

There comes a time when a man hears 6 very happy words.
It could be:

1. Honey, i think i am pregnant
2. I have transfered AUD$27000 to you
3. I think Chelsea have been relegated
4. Manchester United wins the Champions League
5. Manchester United wins the Premier League


"Hey, you have (John Mayer) tickets to His concert!"
I am finally going to see my 'Hero', 'Sifu' and 'Tai Kor' live in Vodafone Arena

I am a happy man.. :D
Can't wait to see the look on Chris or Sam's face when they find out!

The Dugong